What to do when you hate your playing

Early comments for today's lesson include "too real".

There's a unique kind of bad taste in your mouth when you produce something brazenly-spotlight-seeking, like last week's Katy Perry lesson...and it tanks.

Then there's the kind of lesson that you don't particularly care if anybody watches, because it's just honest - the lesson you would have made even if nobody was watching. And today's falls into that category.

There's a very specific kind of "rut" we drummers can find ourselves in.

That of being "over" our playing.

It's not the type rut caused by real deficiencies, though we all have those.

And it's something different from stage fright, as well, since this can strike in the privacy of the practice room, even when nobody's listening.

Nope - this is more like a song that was the hotness when you first added it to your Spotify playlist...

...but you're getting sick of it.

Except it's your playing.

Now, many of us have strong instincts about what to do when we end up in a rut like the one I'm describing.

Those are usually completely wrong.

The steps we need to take instead are counter-intuitive, and incrementalist. And, over 20 years of suffering through ruts, I've gradually gotten them down to a science.

In a drum rut right now?

The first thing to fix is your psychology.

But I've got you.