THE PROVEN SYSTEM I USED TO 2-5x my results in the practice room - Preview 1

Sick of lacking focus?

It sucks, constantly worrying there’s something else you should be practicing, right?

What about feeling in a rut?

Playing the same exercises day-after-day, not knowing when to move on?

Or not “taking it to the gig”?

You shed for hours, but none of it seems to come out in your playing.

Welp, it’s not your fault

Unfortunately, we’ve been sold a bill-of-goods when it comes to practice, and it’s largely the fault of the book publishers.

What makes good book sales? Convincing people they need to practice arbitrary exercises, from one-cover-to-the-other.

What makes good practice? Focusing on just a few things, and having a tight feedback loop.

Plus a number of other things I’ll talk about in the video.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when I’ll cover the actual curriculum start-to-finish.