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  • Stop worrying you're not practicing the right things and just focus.
  • Stop worrying about your technique and trust your ideas.
  • Stop worrying about your time and just make music.

And I know that if you're here, you already understand the importance of structured instruction with context. You already understand the importance of investing in yourself. If you discover on the next page that the course meets your standards, some of you are ready to pull the trigger today.

Join in the next hour and get an initial video evaluation - a feature usually reserved for premium students - completely free.



What makes this a great offer?

I offer video critiques to all of my premium students. They value the feedback for two primary reasons:

  1. How do I compare to other drummers at my level? Maybe your hands are better-than-average, but your time needs work. Maybe you have great improvisational flow, but we need to clean up your execution. Knowing where you stand will help you get the most from the course.
  2. What strengths or weakness am I not hearing? Having a coach, watch your playing gives you an outside perspective. One student was playing with tension in his right hand and hadn't noticed. Another was gripping the sticks too tightly. Still another had a "lilt" to his 16ths. You'll eventually pick these things out by recording yourself, but I can save you time.


Frequently asked questions

What if I want to do the premium course from the jump? Then this offer won't give me anything extra. Not quite - this offer will still give you an early start into a program that doesn't open to the general public until next week.

As you may know, premium membership gives you lifetime access to the course - the same as DIY membership - but also gives you regular access to me to evaluate your homework: twice-a-month for an affordable monthly rate. 

If you're considering premium membership, you're one of the elite drummers who's committed to getting great in as little time as possible, and this gives you preferential order into a program into which I only accepted a limited number of students per-session.

What if I take advantage of this offer, then decide to upgrade to premium coaching later? Then, provided I still have space for additional premium students when you decide to upgrade, you've hacked it. You've gotten yourself a free preview. Congrats;)

What if I decide to wait until the regular launch? Next week I'm opening the course to the general public for four days. So if you want to wait, the DIY course will still be available, and the Premium course will be available if there are spots left, but the bonus offer will have expired.


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