Ever Notice Some Drummers Play Like They Worked it Out in Advance?

Every sound is clean. They pull off things that must have taken years of practice. They play with power and speed, sure, but more importantly, they play with purpose.

Ever wonder how?

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Have you ever watched Mark Guiliana, Brian Blade, Eric Harland, Dan Weiss, or Ari Hoenig play and thought "I want what they have"?

So did I. What I've come to realize over the years, and especially as I made this video, is that "Faster Hands" misses the point. It may be a side effect of good drumming, but it's not a cause.

Think about it. Brian Blade. Bill Stewart. Nasheet Waits. Dan Weiss. Joey Baron.

Have you ever watched them play and thought "if only this guy had practiced more technique?" No.

That's because what they're tapping into something that more technical players are also tapping into - Flow State, or what I call Upload Speed, and whether it's fast notes around the toms or a perfectly placed cymbal crash, it's all the same.

Here Are Some Characteristics of Good Upload Speed

  1. Relaxed body language, like a boxer.
  2. Playing ideas with intensity and assertion. They're committing to everything they play.
  3. Everything looks and sounds like it was planned. Nothing takes them by surprise.

By Contrast, Here Are Some Characteristics of Bad Upload Speed

  1. Thinking about what you're going to play, thinking am I playing impressively enough?
  2. "Hiccups" in your playing, when you go for something and it messes up your groove or feel.
  3. Awkward movement, as if things are "taking you by surprise".

So - How Do We Fix It?

In the video, I outline four key concepts that will help you get deeper into Flow State/Upload Speed.

  1. Yes, technique. We do have to make sure your hands feel comfortable, so you can stop thinking about them.
  2. Sticking. We want to make you able to think about where you're going to land, not which diddle rudiment to play.
  3. Orchestration. The art of taking simple ideas and varying them gradually, to develop idioms that are your own.
  4. Upload Speed. We put everything together and I show you how to practice achieving Flow State.


What Does Faster Hands or Die Trying Include?

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 9.40.20 AM.png

1. The Faster Hands Video.

37 minutes of concentrated teaching, exercises, and philosophy, and a guide to putting all the puzzle pieces together.

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2. The Faster Hands E Book.

Six pages of exercises from the video so you can read and watch at the same time. You don't have to read music to use this video, but if you want to, it's here.




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