Practice Better to Get Better.

It's Not Complicated, and there's no "secret". It's just hard. That's why everyone doesn't do it.

The 80/20 Drummer is a series of four videos that will help you maximize your output by focusing on the things that matter most. Self-assessment, playing cleanly, time and pocket, and ultimately how to teach yourself.

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Chapter One - How To (Really) Practice Smart

In this chapter we cover-

1) How a simple principle from Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto can turbo charge your results and save you time.

2) Why the conventional "bottom up" approach to practice is 180 degrees wrong, and what to do about it.

3) One easy step you can take Today to improve more than you have in the last three months. (It's not a "trick" or a "secret".)



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Chapter Two - How to (Really) Practice Rudiments

In this chapter we cover-

1) What you should be doing instead of practicing beats out of a book.

2) Why practicing rudiments can be a waste of time.

3) Why how to practice is more important than what to practice.

4) A psychological hack to access quickly what you already know.

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Chapter Three - Time Keeping - The Real Reason Great Drummers Are Better Than You

Now that we've given you some things to practice, we'll introduce a "how" - time keeping. Time keeping has two major components - macro time and micro time - and by honing your ability to practice both you'll jumpstart your improvement. I'll show you how to use the metronome as a reference to "check" your time, instead of a crutch.


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Chapter Four - Four Timekeeping Mistakes that are Costing You Gigs

Want to know four ways you're messing up the time and not even realizing it?

1) Switching between downbeats and offbeats

2) Changing Subdivision

3) Stick Bounce and Swing

4) Hemiola - 3 beat phrases over 4/4 time

I outline a "toolbox" of tools to diagnose and fix time issues, and take you, step-by-step, through how.


Drummer Alejandro talks about the 80/20 series.

Here's What Other Drummers Are Saying About The 80/20 Drummer

Your method is very practical and efficient, which is what I’ve been needing to achieve in my practice. There are a lot of approaches in here that I’ve experimented with in the past, like recording yourself playing drum covers and breaking down vocab chunks and building them up slowly, but this series has finally motivated me to truly make those things habitual.
— Linton, Drummer
I found myself saying ‘awesome’ out loud when you were talking about the reductive approach to practicing.
— Michael, Drummer
There’s so much Hollywood-like educational material out there, but hardly any of it is dealing with the essence of “how to study” rather than only “what”.
— Igor, Drummer