Reality Show Episode One - Beating the "System"

Hey guys. Without further ado, here's episode one of the 80/20 Drummer Reality Series.


And here's the "final draft" of the System cover.


Finally, a few tidbits that didn't make it into the video.

Why did I start this show? I'm the guy who's all over the internet saying it's possible to shorten the distance from A to B as far as getting great at the drums. Just as a personal trainer better be able to deadlift some serious weight and complete a combine in respectable time, I ought to be able to show my method works in the real world. How do I do that? By facing real-world challenges.

What did I do to learn the tune? Memorized it. Listened to it day-and-night until I could predict its moves intuitively. Or at least as closely as possible in just a week. If this seems to cut against the 80/20 ethos, think about this - I look for the few things with the highest impact. The time-savings comes by not spending time on things that don't matter, but that doesn't mean I don't spend a ton of time on the things that do. Hopefully one thing this video conveys is that there is a lot of time involved in this. It's just that it's about going deep rather than going broad.

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Okay - coming attractions

Still to come this month, I cover Gilad Hekselman's The Bucket Kicker, plus the wrap-up of the Evan Marien Drum Cover Open Call.


Thanks, and Peace,