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80/20 Premium is Brand New. I developed it in collaboration with a number of drummers who bought and worked with the 80/20 Drummer Series, but were looking for something more.

  • They knew what it takes to become better.
  • They had been working on the exercises in the 80/20 Series and understood the underlying core principles.
  • They understood the value of having another person, preferably an expert, chart their progress and give timely "coaching cues".
  • Like top performers everywhere, they recognized the trade-off of time for money, and decided it was time to hire a coach.

Here's What 80/20 Premium Includes

  1. Introductory Skype Call, when I'll assess your goals.

  2. Introductory video submission, by request, to allow me to evaluate your playing.

  3. Personalized Practice Routine - minute-by-minute practice routines, linking to videos specific to your needs. Either 4 or 6 updates, each after a video submission.