Ever wonder what premium coaching is like?

You've just invested in taking your drumming to the next level. Why not get every advantage?

The purpose of the coaching course is to cut out the bull and save you time by focusing on only the important things.

Premium coaching shows you which of those things are specific to you.


What do people in the premium program get that those in the DIY don't?

  • Advantage #1: Rest easy, knowing you're not wasting a minute.

The best time for a coach's input is at the beginning! You've just signed up to take a new direction with your drumming, and I can point you in the right direction!

  • Advantage #2: I and my team will tell you the things you don't see about your playing.

What's the main reason to hire a coach? To size you up and tell you the obvious things about your playing you may not be able to see because you're too close to them.

  • Advantage #3: You've already paid me. Make my team work for you.

With premium coaching, we'll tell you which specific things to focus the most on, and which exercises in the course will help you the most.

Remember - Premium Coaching has no commitment. You can cancel anytime, and the course is still yours for life.

If, after one month, you don't feel premium coaching is responsible for the biggest jump in your playing you can remember, simply cancel, and go back to the DIY.

No Thanks, I'll stick with the DIY for now.


what exactly will I get with premium coaching?

At the end of each module, you'll have Homework assignments, that challenge you to record yourself. In the DIY version of the course, I provide an evaluation form for you to grade yourself, and determine if you're ready to move on to the next module.

With premium, you just shoot your videos to me!

Up to twice-a-month, premium members can send me their course homework, and I'll record a personalized response video telling you the three most important things:

  1. What Big Things you might want to focus on from the start to improve faster.
  2. What things I'm seeing in your playing that you might not be aware of. This can save you time!
  3. Which material you should spend the most time on, and which you can "one-and-done".


and why should i sign up now?

If you upgrade today, I'll give you one full month for only 12 additional dollars. The premium course won't charge you again until one month after the date you purchased the DIY course. That means if you're thinking about trying out premium coaching, there will never be a better moment than now.

Sure, you can wait a couple of days, but your free trial gets a day shorter with every day you wait.

I'm confident you'll love premium coaching. But if it's not a fit, simple cancel before the end of the first month.

Don't miss your opportunity to get a head start in the Course! Upgrade today and get your first month for only $12.

No Thanks - I'll stick with DIY.

(Any issues checking out?  Shoot me an email at 8020drummer@gmail.com!)