The way most people approach practice is wrong - here’s why

So you’ve decided you want to practice better…

But why should you believe my system is better than any other?

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly what’s in my system.

The Practice Course starts with the premise that there are 3 flaws with the way most people practice:

  • Goals are chosen arbitrarily, or not at-all

  • Practice is done every day from first-to-last, so that whatever’s at the bottom-of-the-list always gets “short shrift”

  • There’s no mechanism to identify when to stick with something, and when to move on to something else.

My system is different

There’s a hundred years of research about what works to speed human learning. It just hasn’t made its way into music very effectively.

Don’t get me wrong: the greats all figured this out intuitively.

And if you’ve got 5-hours-a-day to throw at practice for ten years, you’re eventually going to hit most of the important stuff.

But it’s possible to go faster.

And it’s possible to take what’s intuitive for great drummers and make a system from it.

It’s this that I’ll explain in the video.

Also, here’s the Table of Contents.

See you Monday!