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If you're like many of my clients you're busy playing gigs, and you're probably teaching your own students. Or maybe you're auditioning for, or already enrolled in a music school.

But you still want to get better. And your time is valuable.

I've heard it over-and-over - "I just wish someone could tell me exactly what to focus on, then take me through it, step-by-step."

What if I could tell you-

  1. The things to practice that will have the highest impact on your improvement.
  2. In what order to practice them, and how to spend your time, even if it's limited.
  3. A few simple exercises to tease out and micro-target your weaknesses, the results of which will affect your playing as a whole.



Ready to Get Better? Read On.

It feels like when you open a book by Bruce Lee and you just have to say, “Yes! Here is someone who gets it and this applies to me!”
— Michael, Drummer