Awesome! I'll include you in the launch!


Over the next few days I'll be sending you a few emails about the upcoming launch.

First, I'll be telling you a bit about the course

Why I created it, what problems it solves, etc. If you saw this the first time it may be a refresher.

Then I'll be giving you an opportunity to ask me anything

I'll be sending you a video explaining the details of what's in the course. If you still have questions, I'm giving you an opportunity to ask.

Finally, we'll be launching again

And just like last time, when I say the course is only open for four days before I close it again, I mean it. Once I close it, I have to focus on helping the students already enrolled.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Were you interested in the course the first time but missed out? Why or why not? Your answers will help me create better content for you! Just leave a comment below.


I found myself saying ‘awesome’ out loud when you were talking about the reductive approach to practicing.
— Michael, Drummer