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Have you ever listened to Mark Guiliana with Beat Music or Avishai Cohen, Nate Wood with Kneebody, or Eric Harland with...any of his bands, and thought, "I wish I could do that?"

It's not as hard as you think, but there are secrets great players know that beginners don't.

Together with Teriver Cheung, one of the best young guitarists in Hong Kong, I'll be demonstrating the real secrets of great jazz ensemble playing. How to make a group sound tight. How to create energy and excitement. How to play as a band, not just a collection of individuals.
Because of the small venue, I'll be giving a lot of individual attention to every participant. This will resemble a group lesson more than a traditional clinic.

The 80/20 Drummer Hong Kong 2015 Clinic at Flower Music 10, October 13th, 7-9 pm.


here's what you'll get for signing up early -

  • 15% off the price the general public will pay.
  • Personal attention - essentially a group lesson setting for the price of a pizza.


You're probably wondering about the details of the clinic.

Here they are, along with details about one more offer I'm going to include for people who sign up early.

  1. Where - Flower Music 10I'm excited to be able to offer this clinic at Flower Music 10, located at 50 Gilman Street in the Central District of Hong Kong. It's a great performance space, and it's convenient to everything.
  2. When - Tuesday, October 13, 7-9 pm.
  3. Who? Me, and my friend Teriver Cheung. Also, Potentially, you. Interested in playing for me? The first 3 people to sign up will get an opportunity to come up and play. Just complete the survey after your purchase. If you're one of the first 3 and you're interested, you're in.



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