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Let's Be Email Buddies

Let's Be Email Buddies

I want to prove to you that I can play, and that I can teach. I want to earn your trust that the information I provide is valuable, and that I'm in this for the right reasons - a sincere desire to get better, and share with you whatever's worked for me.

I'm sick of "how to drum" videos. So I started creating my own. Instead of showing you how to play this or that beat or chop like everybody else, I take you into the practice room with me as I break-down and reassemble stuff.

What stuff? That depends.

In the last three weeks, I've done two gospel transcriptions, made a ground-up "owner's manual" for brushes (which you can download for free), and learned a Justin Brown fusion track. All with the camera in my face, and the audience along with me.

Why sign up for the mailing list?

I'm creating a community of drummers committed to faking nothing, facing our fears, and becoming great. (But enjoying the process - as one of my podcasting heroes says, it's about the journey.) 

Anyway, the mailing list is the club house. You guys will receive the new videos as soon as they're posted, right in your inbox.

Do I have to DO anything once I'm on the mailing list?

Heck no. It's completely free, and you just sit back and receive a free drum video almost every week in your inbox. And if, down the road, you feel like buying one of my products, great. If not, also great. Honest.

Oh, and I'll be giving away a lot of downloadable videos for you to take in the practice room.

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