Give me 3 months, and I'll help you break through your plateaus


You tell me your goals. I'll do the rest.

Concierge practice routine management.

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Your time is valuable

That's why you want to make sure everything you're doing is taking your forward. You've seen the 80/20 Roadmap, and you know it breaks down the few most important things with the highest impact.

But some drummers want more.

Somebody to listen to you and tell you exactly what to work on.

Somebody to monitor your progress and hold you accountable.

Somebody to make sure every minute they spend in the practice room is taking them closer to their goal.

In short, they want a coach.

Here's what coaching will include

  • Three Months of intensive, done-for-you practice-routine-management, based on a personal assessment of your playing.
  • An initial analysis of a video you send me, and regular updates as you progress.
  • A personalized practice routine, updated regularly based on your progress.
  • Personal videos. If there's an existing video with the content, I'll use that, linking to the exact time index. If there's no existing video, I'll make one from scratch.
  • Personal transcriptions of the exercises, where relevant.

Here's what coaching can do for you

  • Condense a year's worth of progress into three months, by finding and focusing on the most important things.
  • Provide you motivation, accountability, and feedback.
  • Work with your individual pace and learning style.

I understand it's a big decision. That's why I want to prove to you that it works.

So I'm offering the first week completely free. If you're not completely convinced, there's no financial obligation. I'm happy to say the majority of the students who completed the free week signed up.


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If you decide to continue with the course after the initial consultation, coaching is $125/month, or $299 for 3 months.

Compare that to 3 months' worth of private lessons, at even $50-a-week, let alone a semester's worth of music school. Is 80/20 Coaching for everyone? No. It's for highly motivated individuals who understand the power of investing in themselves and the leverage a good coach can provide.

If you're ready to get started, use the form to apply now, and get a free initial evaluation.

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I found myself saying ‘awesome’ out loud when you were talking about the reductive approach to practicing.
— Michael, Drummer