Attend the October NYC Area 80/20 In-Person AMA

I don't like the word "clinic".

AMA means "Ask me Anything".

Got anything you've been having difficulty with? Need advice to break through a plateau? Or maybe you just want an opportunity to play in front of other drummers. That's what's up. I got the idea for the AMAs when I was traveling this summer, and reached out to some people on the mailing list to hang and play.

I live in NYC. We should just get together and power hang.

So this is...that.

Here's how this will go.

If I feel like it, I'll play something to start off (and I probably will because I dig trying to play under pressure), and talk about what I've been working on. Sneak peak - I'm working on a parts 2 and 3 of the Roadmap, and getting deep into improvisation psychology with my students, including the numerator:denominator concept for playing great at whatever technical level you are, so it will likely be something around those lines.

Then, I'll take your questions and help you individually for 2 hours as we learn from each other.

This time it will be free, for two reasons. First, I'll be videotaping parts of it for promotional purposes (for the reality show, to use to promote overseas meetups, etc. Second, I just want to hang and nerd out about the drums.

I've got room for about ten people in "8020 HQ", so RSVP below.



That's up to you, within some constraints. I'm free the weeks of the 15th and 27th of October, weekdays. We'll see what the time preferences of the people who RSVP are, then find a time that works for the most of us. If it's in the afternoon, probable migration to the Lowlands Bar afterward:)

Yup, so just fill out the little survey below to RSVP. Looking forward!

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